As the musician Lionel Hampton said, "The secret is keeping busy and loving what you do!". At Langley Haven we try to offer to our residents interesting activities, to pass the time and satisfy their interests - to bring meaning and purpose in their lives.
The families and friends are always welcome to join in activities, where elements of both work and play may occur.
The singing and the physical exercises are a part of the residents program, but maybe you didn’t know that another favourite activity is the Cooking Club, where regardless of gender, our residents prepare various recipes.
Do you want to know more about Activities? Come to Langley Haven and you can spend the time with our residents, doing indoor gardening, playing games, reminiscing, Art and crafts, competing in fun competitions, or even dancing!
Alongside the daily activities, we provide entertainment to our beloved residents. Our guest singers, with their unique style, can bring extra cheer to an afternoon, or can transform an ordinary party in one that you will remember! Not only do our residents experience entertainment at Langley Haven, they also have the opportunity to spend special moments outside the care home at the theatre, shopping, lunch or afternoon tea trip - all facilitated in our own minibus.

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